IntelliWidget Custom Fields

IntelliWidget Custom FieldsThere are six custom data fields to further customize the behavior of IntelliWidgets. They affect the way this page/post appears when included in an IntelliWidget, not the widget itself. All of these values can be edited using the “IntelliWidget Custom Fields” Meta Box. If no value is selected, the postmeta data is removed from the post to reduce overhead.

Custom Fields Detail

  • Start Date

    This value is examined when using the “Exclude Future posts” and “Only Future posts” options. It is also the date displayed by templates that implement “the_intelliwidget_date” and “get_the_intelliwidget_date” functions.
    Field Name: intelliwidget_event_date

  • Expire Date

    This value is examined when using the “Exclude Expired Posts” and “Only future events” options. See Using IntelliWidget Date Features.
    Field Name: intelliwidget_expire_date

  • Alt Title

    If you want the title of this post to appear diffently in menus and other lists, enter the alternative title here. This value automatically overrides the main title.
    Field Name: intelliwidget_alt_title

  • External Url

    If you want this post to link out to an external web page, you can specify it here. This value automatically overrides the post’s permalink value. This is particularly useful when using the Menu template to mimic the WordPress built-in Custom Menu functionality. Note: Do not forget to include 'http://' in your URL.
    Field Name: intelliwidget_external_url

  • If the post title requires a specific class (e.g., Facebook Icon), you can add it here. Important: Separate multiple classes with spaces, not commas.
    Field Name: intelliwidget_classes

  • If you want this post to open a new window or other behavior, you can select it here.
    Field Name: intelliwidget_target