Power More Dynamic Content with IntelliWidget PRO

Post and Taxonomy Conditions

IntelliWidget PRO brings the power of IntelliWidget to blog pages, date archives, categories, tags, search results, 404 pages and many more that cannot be customized with the basic version.

Choose the criteria and customize the Profiles for Blog pages, Categories, Tags and more. You create any number of “Condition Sets” that assign IntelliWidget Child Profiles to any combination of archive parameters such as Blog Pages, Date based archives, Categories, search results, 404 pages and many more.

In addition, Child Profiles can be assigned to any individual Term in your registered taxonomies (Categories and Tags by default).


Community Edition
  FREE – Learn More Buy Now – $17.95 USD
Specific content for individual categories, tags, and custom terms  
Specific content for blog, search, not found, date archives, and other result types  
Free Upgrades to new PRO features as soon as they are released  
Page-specific Nav Menus for each Menu Location
Powerful and extensible, has the features of multiple plugins
Display lists of titles, excerpts, or entire posts with or without thumbnails
Display Author meta data
Display Post meta data
Per page or site-wide Content
Per page or site-wide Custom Post Types queries
Per page or site-wide Category, Tag and Custom Term (Taxonomy) queries
Per page or site-wide Nav Menus
Per page or site-wide Text Widgets
Customizable default templates
Multiple instances per page
Reuse settings on multiple pages
Date and time driven visibility
Optimized database queries
Term (Taxonomy) Navigation (e.g., products, topics, etc.)
No new database tables required
No new dynamic sidebars (widget areas) required
Top-rated Online Support
  FREE – Learn More Buy Now – $17.95 USD


  1. Download and install IntelliWidget version 2.2.0 or later.
  2. Purchase and download the IntelliWidget PRO zip archive.
  3. In the WordPress Admin, go to Plugins > Add New.
  4. Click the “Upload” link at the top of the page.
  5. Browse your computer, select the zip archive, and click “Install”
  6. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress

Getting Started

Read the instructions! If you are not familiar with IntelliWidget, you will want to explore the documentation and videos first.

Now that you are an expert with IntelliWidget you now have new options at your fingertips.

Start with the new IntelliWidget Options page by going to Appearance > IntelliWidget.


Condition Sets

Here you can Add, Modify and Delete “Condition Sets,” which appear as tabbed panels. Each set contains checkbox options corresponding to all of the different ways archives can be displayed, including search results and 404 pages. You can then customize Child Profiles just like the basic IntelliWidget Child Profiles that will be displayed when the queried archive conditions match the options you have selected for that Condition Set.


Term Child Profiles

Next, navigate to any individual Edit Term page (for example, Posts > Tags). Click to edit any Term and you will see a new meta box to customize a Child Profile for that Term. Whenever that term is queried, the content generated by that Child Profile will be displayed.

Update Key

Update Key
Your license includes software updates when they are released. To configure WordPress to automatically alert you of available updates, enter your Update Key in the box under “Archive and Taxonomy Condition Sets”. Your Update Key was sent with the confirmation email you received with the download link.