Options Overview – PageCells Responsive Framework

The PageCells Theme Options page allows you to control all aspects of your WordPress website. It is designed to resemble a typical page, with the header at the top, content in the center and footer at the bottom. The right sidebar contains controls for adding new sections, dragging new items to the layout areas, and additional options to further customize your site.

Drag and Drop

Almost all of the various elements can be dragged and dropped from one layout section to the other and positioned or sorted within individual sections.

Wrench Icon

The blue Wrench Icon toggles a panel containing configuration options that control the behavior of a given element.

Paintbrush Icon

The green Paintbrush Icon toggles a panel containing style and appearance options for a given element.

Trashcan Icon

The red Trash Can Icon lets you delete a given element. If no trashcan icon is present for an element, then that element is required by PageCells and cannot be deleted.

Plus Icon

The black Plus Icon lets you add a new row to the section that is currently selected.


There are three sections, each containing individual tabs for multiple versions of that section. The sections are Header, Layout and Footer. The layout section contains an additional “wrench” icon that toggle a panel to control the header and footer to use for that layout, as well as the WordPress templates that use that layout when they are loaded by WordPress. See Sections and Layouts.


Sections are made up of Rows that represent horizontal areas of content on the page. Rows can contain any of the Layout Items described below. Rows can be moved across sections but cannot be nested. See Rows and Wrappers.


Wrappers are used to group multiple rows together. Wrappers can be dragged across sections, can extend across multiple sections and can be nested inside other wrappers. PageCells will automatically adjust the wrapper closure based on the settings you apply to the wrapper. See Rows and Wrappers.

Container Layout Item

The Container Layout Item is used to group Layout Items together so they can be styled as a single unit. See Container Layout Item.

Loop Layout Item

The Loop is the main content element of any page. It can contain any number of other layout items that are repeated for each post displayed on the page. See Loop Layout Item.

The Menu Layout Item enables a Menu Location that is then available under Appearance > Menus in the WordPress admin. It can be assigned to a specific Nav Menu or can automatically generate a Page Menu of all the pages in your site. See Menu Layout Item.

Widget Layout Item

The widget layout item represents a dynamic sidebar that appears in the Widgets admin. Each Widget Layout Item contains its own configuration settings that control the way WordPress displays each widget it contains. See Widget Layout Item.

Part Layout Item

The part is a multi-purpose layout item that has many variations. It represents an individual function that generates a specific piece of the WordPress content. See Part Layout Item.

Other Options

PageCells gives you the ability to customize numerous WordPress behaviors. See Other Options for more detail about these options.


PageCells Theme Options are portable. You can export the Layout configuration into a zip archive that can then be used to restore options later, or to install the same configuration on another WordPress site running PageCells.


You can restore a saved PageCells configuration archive by selecting it and importing it into the Theme Options.


If you need to restore the “factory settings” for any reason, you can click the “Restore” button and PageCells will revert to the default settings. Be aware that this will overwrite any settings you have made.


In this video we introduce the Theme Options page and the various items and options in general using the PageCells Responsive Theme Framework.