About Lilaea Media

We improve a website’s usefulness and content to increase search visibility, simplify business processes or both. Examples include systems to connect business data to their websites, member portals, payment systems, time and project management and single sign on between sites. We also design and build new websites and create plugins for existing systems.

Our Promise

  • Provide the highest quality and value for technical and creative services possible;
  • Give back by sharing our knowledge, experience, and resources with the community;
  • Develop, support and maintain industry standards;
  • Nurture a company culture based on mutual respect, mentorship and common purpose.


Jason C Fleming

Managing Partner and Senior Developer Jason Fleming began his career in the 90s as a graphic designer and prepress technician in Nashville, Tennessee, where he gained an intimate knowledge of the printing and specialty advertising trades. As the industry shifted toward digital printing, he became more interested in the possibilities of the World Wide Web.

During the decades that followed he developed software ranging from email marketing and payment systems for startups to business intelligence for pharmaceutical companies.

Lilaea Media was founded to provide technical and creative services to companies looking to expand their websites while at the same time building a network of professional, educational and artistic resources.

By combining a mix of hard-earned technical experience with the vast array of online tools and services, Lilaea Media adds value by providing leading edge solutions for business around the world.

Who is Lilaea, anyway?

In Greek mythology, Lilaea was the Naiad (nymph) of the Cephissus River.

Lilaea is also an aquatic plant that inhabits vernal pools and other wetlands.

The dragonfly mark references both the nymph and freshwater life, representing the mystical qualities of the creative process and the endless possibilities of emerging technologies.