Total WordPress Customization with PageCells Responsive Theme Framework

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PageCells Responsive Theme Framework

Build your WordPress website exactly the way you want it.

PageCells is a WordPress theme framework aimed at web developers and website designers who use WordPress to build multiple websites. Everything about the site is configurable through an innovative drag-and-drop interface, from the number and position of sidebar widget areas to the sequence and behavior of post meta data.

While the PageCells Theme Framework works great out-of-the-box with its mobile-friendly responsive design and professional type and layout styles, what sets it apart is the option framework that can generate thousands of unique layout configurations without touching a single template file. These options can be exported and imported to any other WordPress site using the PageCells Responsive Theme Framework.


  • Innovative Drag & Drop Theme Options Panel lets you control all aspects of site layout using native WordPress elements.
  • Lightweight and fast. PageCells uses functionality already built into WordPress. No new database tables. Only use the features you need.
  • Unlimited Widgets. Set up as many Widget areas and Navigation menus as you need.
  • Combine with Child Theme Configurator and IntelliWidget per Page Featured Posts and Menus for unlimited flexibility.
  • Import and export layouts for easy re-use and migration
  • Create thousands of layouts from a single theme
  • Language ready
  • WooCommerce support
  • Unlimited custom templates
  • Full-width or centered layouts
  • Includes IntelliWidget Responsive Menu Plugin
  • Full featured stylesheet makes custom designs easy
  • Multiple navigation options for posts, comments and multi-page articles
  • Fully responsive fluid cell system adapts to all window sizes
  • You choose the behavior of any menu
  • Configure The Loop exactly the way you want it – display posts in rows and columns (for portfolios) or as a single list (for blogs)
  • PageCells handles the features so you can focus on the stylesheet
  • Intelligent breadcrumbs work with any taxonomy
  • Designed for use with custom post types and taxonomies
  • Integrate your existing theme into PageCells
  • No constraints – you decide the widths of content, sidebars, headers, footers, you name it


We tested thirteen popular WordPress Themes on a 4GB Rackspace Cloud Server with 256MB RAM allocated to PHP. Each was installed with the Theme Unit Test Data set and the Recent Posts and Tag Cloud Widgets with no other customization. We loaded the Blog Page twelve times for each theme over a two hour period and recorded the elapsed time and peak memory usage between the plugins_loaded action hook and the wp_footer action hook. Below are the median results of all consecutive runs.

Speed Comparison of Popular Themes

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Memory Usage Comparison of Popular Themes

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PageCells is not only fast and memory-efficent, but also performs as well or better than Themes that do not have the same total customization control of PageCells.